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Celtic Horse Goddess Throughout ancient times, the horse was the most Sacred and Honored of creatures. Thought to be a bridge between the material and spiritual world, the horse represents an intuitive bond between the two realms. The trust between the rider and horse was considered a div ine marriage, and it was common to let the horse wander freely, leading the rider to adventure of Destiny.


The threefold images of the horse symbolize different aspects of belief revered throughout the Celtic tribes. First is that of the horse, intelligent and independent. The horse has a mind of its own, and proves this time and time again to those who try to impose their will upon it.

The second horse denotes the human aspect. How one treats and interacts with the horse shows the nature of the individual. This deep bonding often reveals the true character of those in relation with the horse.

The third image symbolizes the horse as Divine Consciousness-a link to "Epona, the Celtic Goddess of all Equines." Epona translates as 'Divine Horse' and it is said that she and her horses 'lead the soul' to your preordained Destiny and brings Divine Help in hours of need.

Epona—Celtic Horse Goddess

Epona Celtic Horse Goddess Pendant

In Pewter
Approx. 1 1/4 "h x 1"w
412-096    $22.00

The goddess Epona and the Destiny pendants are both cast in pewter accented by a necklace made of Czechoslovakian glass beads encased in silver. These are highlighted  on either side by silver round beads - the toggle is sterling silver filled.