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Jose Manuel Gomez was born in Fuente Obejuna (Cordoba) Spain in 1940. 


In 1957, after a short period in the School of Arts he moved to Madrid, where he dedicated himself to playing the guitar in a band for four years and recorded five albums. 


In 1964 he left for Paris, where he definitively started to paint.  His first exhibition was in Vannes, Bretaña, in 1965.  Following several exhibitions in Paris and other cities in France, he moved back to Spain in 1973. 


He has participated in more than 30 single and collective exhibitions in Amsterdam, Biarritz, Cannes, San Jose de Costa Rica, Nantes, Madrid, Mexico, and Paris, among other cities.  He presently exhibits at the prestigious Gallery Castello 120 in Madrid.  Most of his paintings have been acquired by private collectors at his home in Mijas Costa, Malaga, Spain.  Below is a list of his main exhibitions:


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· 1968    Gallery Bourlaouen, Nantes

· 1969    Gallery Vallombreuse, Biarritz

· 1970    Gallery Ives Jouver, Paris

· 1974    Gallery Dintel, Santander

·              Gallery Peninsula, Madrid

· 1978    Gallery 21-22, San Jose de Costa Rica

· 1981    Gallery Husstege, Amsterdam

· 1987    National Museum of San Jose de Costa Rica

· 1990    Gallery Heller, Madrid

· 1994    Exhibition Grupo Serfin, Mexico

· 1999    Gallery Castello 120, Madrid

· 2003    Gallery Castello 120, Madrid

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