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La Tienda Española

Mary Beth Horan

Tel: 781-775-5677

Customized Baroque Items


Select from a variety of Baroque Old World Paintings. Choose your artwork and item. Note that some items are not in stock. Special order sets are available.


Desk sets   ~   Photo Albums 

CD Storage Box   ~   Travel Kits

Keepsake boxes   ~   Calculator

Memo Pad   ~   Business Card Holder


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La Tienda Española Old World Baroque Line


La Tienda Española is delighted to present a new “Special Items Line” which offers unique gifts and home furnishings featuring 18th& 19th century English artwork as well as selected pieces highlighting the Pure Spanish Horse.


Some  items can be customized* to show case your own personal artworks, photographs and or/ award presentation material.


*Special Orders: when items are special ordered in quantity, you may feature:

· your farm logo

· a favorite picture of your horse or pet

· a member of your family at an important event

· a drawing done by a child


….. Or any moment or artwork that you want to share with friends and family or to promote your stable or farm.

Logos and copy can be added to any picture.


If you have any questions, please contact me. We hope you enjoy this exciting collection. Enjoy!


Best wishes,

MaryBeth Horan

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Artwork selections

Our Baroque Old World Line consists

of Many Equestrian Gift Items

Jewelry Boxes, CD holders, Photo Frames, Notepads, Travel kits,  and more

Not all items are in stock. Some items are not available in the artwork because of shape and size. Call or email for availability!

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Click to use our Order Form

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